Enjoy a night of chilling intrigue with this award-winning thriller by leading Māori playwright Albert Belz.

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Cradle Song by Albert Belz
Presented by Going West Festival and Kōanga Festival 2018, Te Pou Theatre at The Church, Corban Estate Arts Centre

Award Winning Horror/Thriller Theatre!

Set in the South West of Ireland 1999, at a nunnery near the fictitious village of Sibeal (County Kerry), two young women are on their big OE when they come face-to-face with the super-natural force of Briar Faith.

We invite you to experience Albert Belz’s new award-winning thriller Cradle Song in its premiere season staged uniquely in The Church, Corban Estate Arts Centre. This gripping new show follows the success of Belz’s Yours Truly, a now iconic New Zealand thriller stage-play. Cradle Song is this writers reaction to the tragic discovery of a mass children’s grave which was part of a Home for Unmarried Mothers in the township of Tuam, Ireland. 

Directed by Tainui Tukiwaho, featuring Donogh Rees, Amanda Rees, Briar Collard, Anne-Maree Thomas and Nicol Munro. 

Tickets are limited for this special intimate performance! Get yours now at https://www.iticket.co.nz/events/2018/sep/going-west-cradle-song 

Winner Playmarket’s Adam Award Best Play by Māori Playwright 2018

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