The Auckland home for Māori Theatre…

TE POU is a new theatre venue founded by Ruia Taitea Creative, who have built this space based on the kaupapa Māori fundamentals of aroha, manaakitanga and whānau.

You do not need to be Māori to work here, any group or individual who is interested in growing their work based on these principles is more than welcome to come and work in the space!

TE POU has been formed by a committed group of individuals who wishes to create a working space that is all inclusive, safe, and affordable, hēoi, nau mai haere mai ki



TE POU Theatre Atawhai

TE POU is a brand new Māori theatre space located in Portage Road New Lynn, that embodies the literal meaning of its name ‘The Support post’; acting as a constant and reliable presence for our performing arts community in Tāmaki Makaurau and abroad.

In December 2014 a hui was at the then vacant theatre at 44A Portage Road lead by Jason Te Kare, Tainui Tukiwaho and Noa Campbell to wananga about future of our Auckland Māori arts community – what we need to grow and strengthen our industry. The exciting potential of having our own theatre space, a whare, with rehearsal studios was voiced strongly.

The karanga was heard and answered – we were extremely excited to announce that as of the 1st of March 2015, the lease was signed on the building at 44a Portage road New Lynn. Renovations commenced with a dedicated team of volunteers working day and night to create a whare we could all be proud of.

On April 11, we held the official opening for TE POU- The Auckland home of Māori theatre’. Te mutunga kē mai o te mīharo!

Te tokotoko
i whenuku
Te tokotoko
i wherangi


Kiwa Black Friars

23-25 May 7.30pm


Purapurawhetū Ruia Taitea

6-9 July 7.30pm



Kacie Stetson Studio | with Dawn Glover 
Every Tuesday, 14 weeks, 3 May


Mind Over Manner 
24 May, 7.30pm


Storytelling in 10-Minutes | Short+Sweet 
27 May, 6pm


Te Whare

Rehearsal Room

Tāhū  Rehearsal Room

Tuarongo Rehearsal Room

Tokomanawa  Theatre


Tomokanga  Foyer

How to make a booking at TE POU
Email us on to set up a hui and have a korero about your project.


44A Portage Road, New Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand 0600

Parking: Parking is plentiful and is found around the back of the building off McWhirter Place.

Nau mai haere mai!

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Contact us about holding an event in our beautiful foyer space. Artwork by Lou Davis (Waka Blonde Threads), the bar run by the team at Verona Café, resident caterer Romy Hooper.


Kacie Stetson Studio

Kacie Stetson Studio offers screen acting classes in Auckland for actors of all levels of experience. Whether you’re a working actor looking to take your craft to the next level, or a beginner starting your journey, the Studio offers a creative and nurturing home. In Auckland, this is the place to be for actors looking to deliver exceptional work.

Beginning the 3rd of May, Kacie Stetson Studio will be offering a new 14-week Tuesday night course. It will be taught by associate Dawn Glover, founder of Navi Collaborative.

For more information and to register, check out their website here.





Mind Over Manner

Workshop 1: May 10, 7.30-9.30pm

Workshop 2: May 24, 7.30-9.30pm


These specialist workshops are designed for parents and professionals in close association with teenagers who think and learn differently – those who have trouble attending to information, sensory processing differences, self organization and social anxiety in large groups. The workshops look at how this impacts on  parent and sibling relationships and  the  family dynamic as a whole when the individual brings their anxieties home.

Using a skilled MoM facilitator, hypothetical and real life scenarios are played out by experienced theatre practitioners and then improved, shaped and altered using the input and suggestions from the workshop participants.

Mind over Manner will provide the vital connection skills and practical pathways to help improve relationships and behavioral outcomes. It will promote a deeper understanding with which to successfully navigate these vital teenage years.

There are two workshops over May, each covering different information ranging from the sensitive and shy over responder to the friendly hyperactive sensory seeker. Every workshop is completely different and promise an extremely valuable, entertaining and eye-opening experience. 

For more information and to register, check out their website here.


Storytelling in 10-Minutes

Short+Sweet Festival 2016

Creating 10-Minute Theatre with Aaron Tindell – Friday, 27 May 2016, 6pm


This May, Short+Sweet Festival Auckland is presenting the first Theatre Workshop series: Storytelling in 10-Minutes. This series of affordable workshops are aimed at building up local creatives by increasing their skill levels, knowledge and confidence in directing, writing and composing for ten-minute theatre and musicals.

We’ve called upon experienced industry practitioners to share their knowledge, tips and experiences to help new and emerging creatives from all communities hone their theatre storytelling skills.

These workshops are open to creatives of all types and experience levels who may need a little extra help, an outside eye on their developing script or a boost in inspiration.

For more information and to register now, visit their website here.




The Black Friars


On the anniversary of Kiwa’s drowning, four of his friends travel to the Tokelauan atoll Atafu to scatter his ashes to fulfil one of his last requests. During the  journey, stories of Kiwa’s life and death are told.

Kiwa is a theatre performance with a central storyline, a diverse range of Māori and Pasifika music and dance, as well as contemporary performance poetry. The story takes place on a waka that the five are rowing out to Atafu to scatter the ashes of their friend/partner/brother Kiwa, who drowned in Auckland a year ago.

At the heart of the story is a mystery – what happened to Kiwa? Was it an accident? Or did he simply return to the ocean in his true form as Te Moana Nui a Kiwa? Each of the characters feels that they are somewhat to blame, and each of the characters, to some extent, blames the others. Will we all be able to paddle our waka together and navigate our way home?



Ruia Taitea Creative

This Matariki experience Briar Grace-Smith’s award winning theatre show Purapurawhetū i te reo Māori for the first time.  This epic tale of forgiveness, healing and hope has won the hearts of our nation since its debut in 1997 becoming a classic piece of New Zealand Theatre.

Starring Rawiri Paratene, hot on the heels of his worldwide Globe to Globe tour of Hamlet, this season of Purapurawhetū will be presented in te reo Māori with one English language preview show also on offer.  This is an opportunity to come and enjoy this classic contemporary story in both languages and increase your Reo Māori knowledge and appreciation this Matariki. Great ticket deals available for repeat shows.  

Last presented in Auckland in 2010, this dark tale will find a new voice through this dynamic retelling and will make history as the first modern te reo Māori theatre work to hit the Auckland mainstage.   Purapurawhetū will be also presented at The Herald, Auckland Live 13 – 16 July.

Cast: Rawiri Paratene, Antonio Te Maioha, Kimo Houltham, Ani-Piki Tuari and Krystal Lee-Brown
Director: Tainui Tukiwaho

Past Reviews of Purapurawhetū Productions

“Since its premiere in 1997, the play has established itself as a classic of Maori theatre… will continue to exert an influence for many years to come” – New Zealand Herald 2010

“Purapurawhetu remains a vital contribution to NZ theatre that deserves a long life on the stage for generations to come” – Theatreview 2010

PLEASE NOTE: Wednesday Preview Night is English language, all other performances are Te Reo Maori.