The Auckland home for Māori Theatre…

TE POU is a new theatre venue founded by Ruia Taitea Creative, who have built this space based on the kaupapa Māori fundamentals of aroha, manaakitanga and whānau.

You do not need to be Māori to work here, any group or individual who is interested in growing their work based on these principles is more than welcome to come and work in the space!

TE POU has been formed by a committed group of individuals who wishes to create a working space that is all inclusive, safe, and affordable, hēoi, nau mai haere mai ki



TE POU Theatre Atawhai

TE POU is a brand new Māori theatre space located in Portage Road New Lynn, that embodies the literal meaning of its name ‘The Support post’; acting as a constant and reliable presence for our performing arts community in Tāmaki Makaurau and abroad.

In December 2014 a hui was at the then vacant theatre at 44A Portage Road lead by Jason Te Kare, Tainui Tukiwaho and Noa Campbell to wananga about future of our Auckland Māori arts community – what we need to grow and strengthen our industry. The exciting potential of having our own theatre space, a whare, with rehearsal studios was voiced strongly.

The karanga was heard and answered – we were extremely excited to announce that as of the 1st of March 2015, the lease was signed on the building at 44a Portage road New Lynn. Renovations commenced with a dedicated team of volunteers working day and night to create a whare we could all be proud of.

On April 11, we held the official opening for TE POU- The Auckland home of Māori theatre’. Te mutunga kē mai o te mīharo!

Te tokotoko
i whenuku
Te tokotoko
i wherangi



30 November, 7.30pm



1 December, 7.30pm



2 December, 7.30pm



29 November, 7.30pm


Te Whare

Rehearsal Room

Tāhū  Rehearsal Room

Tuarongo Rehearsal Room

Tokomanawa  Theatre


Tomokanga  Foyer

How to make a booking at TE POU
Email us on to set up a hui and have a korero about your project.


44A Portage Road, New Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand 0600

Parking: Parking is plentiful and is found around the back of the building off McWhirter Place.

Nau mai haere mai!

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Contact us about holding an event in our beautiful foyer space. Artwork by Lou Davis (Waka Blonde Threads), the bar run by the team at Verona Café, resident caterer Romy Hooper.


Kacie Stetson Studio

Kacie Stetson Studio offers screen acting classes in Auckland for actors of all levels of experience. Whether you’re a working actor looking to take your craft to the next level, or a beginner starting your journey, the Studio offers a creative and nurturing home. In Auckland, this is the place to be for actors looking to deliver exceptional work.

Beginning the 3rd of May, Kacie Stetson Studio will be offering a new 14-week Tuesday night course. It will be taught by associate Dawn Glover, founder of Navi Collaborative.

For more information and to register, check out their website here.






Ruia Taitea Creative

This Matariki experience Briar Grace-Smith’s award winning theatre show Purapurawhetū i te reo Māori for the first time.  This epic tale of forgiveness, healing and hope has won the hearts of our nation since its debut in 1997 becoming a classic piece of New Zealand Theatre.

Starring Rawiri Paratene, hot on the heels of his worldwide Globe to Globe tour of Hamlet, this season of Purapurawhetū will be presented in te reo Māori with one English language preview show also on offer.  This is an opportunity to come and enjoy this classic contemporary story in both languages and increase your Reo Māori knowledge and appreciation this Matariki. Great ticket deals available for repeat shows.  

Last presented in Auckland in 2010, this dark tale will find a new voice through this dynamic retelling and will make history as the first modern te reo Māori theatre work to hit the Auckland mainstage.   Purapurawhetū will be also presented at The Herald, Auckland Live 13 – 16 July.

Cast: Rawiri Paratene, Antonio Te Maioha, Kimo Houltham, Ani-Piki Tuari and Krystal Lee-Brown
Director: Tainui Tukiwaho

Past Reviews of Purapurawhetū Productions

“Since its premiere in 1997, the play has established itself as a classic of Maori theatre… will continue to exert an influence for many years to come” – New Zealand Herald 2010

“Purapurawhetu remains a vital contribution to NZ theatre that deserves a long life on the stage for generations to come” – Theatreview 2010

PLEASE NOTE: Wednesday Preview Night is English language, all other performances are Te Reo Maori.



Te Rehia Theatre Company

Te Rehia Theatre presents ‘Yours Truly’ written and directed by award winning Maori playwright Albert Belz.  Yours Truly is a gothic romance of forbidden love, betrayal and sexual politics – set beneath the foggy gas-light of London, 1888.  A prince has fallen in love with a common shop-girl unleashing a devil amidst the shadows.  Jack the Ripper stalks the streets in a macabre defence of the throne, while ‘modern’ media enters into a frenzied bloodlust to match.  Now, only the little renowned artist Walter Sickert can stop the madness.  But in order to defeat the devil, one must enter hell. 

Starring Blair Strang as Walter Sickert – this is theatre at its bloody best.

This show is reccomended for audiences aged 15 years and over, performance contains nudity, violence and course language.



New Zealand Performing Arts

New Zealand Performing Arts presents LINKS as their graduation performance. A mix of choreographed and improvised dance, classic and self-devised script work – showcasing the talent NZPA has to offer.


Lost Girls




Following on from their sell-out season of Hippolytus Veiled, Theatrewhack present Patrick Graham’s ‘Lost Girls’…

Three young women wait in a room. They are guided through their final days by a mysterious usher until they understand what has happened to them.

Developed following a series of brutal murders of young women in New Zealand in the late 90s, Lost Girls is the examination of the final memories of three young women (6, 16 and 18 years of age).

This new staging stars:

Prema Cottingham (The Rover, Defensibility, Great Bellied Women),

Courtney Eggleton (The Seven Year Itch, The rover, End of the Golden Weather),

Renee Brierley (The Priory, Stella, Conversations of Karangahape Rd),

Turene Jones (Stage of Fools, The Shannard Chronicles, Mystery Play),

and is directed by Mark Oughton in his New Zealand directorial debut.

The play was performed in Wellington and Auckland in 2007 and 2013. This new production was initiated because of the prevalence of rape culture and rape apologists in social media, and as a reaction to recent rape cases such as Steubenville, the defending of sports personalities who are violent towards women, and the current national campaigns to reduce violence in families and relationships. 

The play is presented in a non-traditional format, and while it doesn’t give a naturalistic view of these girl’s last moments on earth – it does not have an easy ending. The play hopes to provoke the audience and leave people questioning their own moral compass.

Rehearsal stills from 2013 show

Blog reviews of the 2013 show:
“Lost Girls has a point to make and it makes it in an uncompromising and brutal fashion. Not brutal like a bash on the head, but brutal as in a growing realisation that this is something we really need to collectively do something about. If our conscience had a guts this would be a necessary good swift kick in it.”

“I’m sure I’m not the only person in the room who felt a connection to the characters – the acting was superb, the story so believable. There were times when I laughed and times when the breath caught in my throat, as the tales of everyday life led to the unfortunate and heart-wrenching conclusion. The performances were haunting, and I left feeling a little shaken, but I have to say that this is a must see!”

“The actors perform well and in some cases with frightening or deeply touching results, a few times I was truly absorbed as if they were people I knew. The programme carries a warning about the end, and I was horrified, crying at one point. The play may have triggers for some people, but Lost Girls expertly shows what has happened to far too many people, particularly young women in vulnerable states, and the bewildering effects of neglect, abuse, isolation and the horror that drawing a veneer of faux-decency over crime inevitably produces.”


The Zoo Story

Isolation, the division of class and the desire to connect. Seemingly inherent aspects of the human condition that are as relevant now as they were in the early 1970’s when Edward Albee crafted this Modern classic. Halfway there productions present a fresh rendition of The Zoo Story. A poignant, thrilling production that is sure to shake the foundations of your cultural framework.

Peter has come to his favorite bench in central park to enjoy some treasured time out from the routine of his daily life. Wife, kids, work and of course the budgies. His day is going as planned until Jerry, a confident, disheveled and somewhat strange man picks him as his victim of conversation. Peter is not quite sure how to handle Jerry yet despite his wariness something fascinates him and draws him in. What will happen when two different worlds dynamically collide on a sunny day in new york city? How wild can one simple interaction get?

HalfwayThere productions brings together a team of friends wanting to explore their craft and enjoy the pleasure of exploring and delivering a great story to the audience of Auckland city. 

Briar Collard, a key force behind Te Pou Theatre brings us her directorial debut with performance from master music listeners Mel Bailey and Albert Walker.

This is a production not to be missed!


Mind over Manner – Workshop Series

MIND OVER MANNER workshops are designed for the parents, siblings, families, and those community members and professionals in close association with teenagers who think and learn differently

Monday October 10, 10.30am, Session 1 – The Over Responder: Socially most of us instinctively know how to adjust our manner – to gain acceptance and feel understood….to make friends There are many different ways of seeing, hearing, and communicating. For individuals who experience sensory processing differences ordering priorities or meeting expectations frequently results in confused or oppositional behaviour. Usually, compliance can be brought about by way of a tap on the shoulder and this is sufficient for individuals to fall into line. But what if you don’t recognize the line, feel the tap or understand that scowl? In another way, these people are highly sensitive, they are like radars… often very musical, scientific. They have a different concept of time and are often gifted with a specific intelligence, they are self directed learners.

Monday October 10, 12.30pm, Session 2 – The Sensory Seeker: Working with authority figures in the public and school environment Many parents/guardians of these individuals discover, the standard parenting rules or boundaries in school do not apply or cannot resonate with the way their children or adolescent individuals think and act. The consequences of punishment do not deter their myopic will.

Tuesday October 11, 7pm, Session 3 – Siblings: How to best provide for Siblings of individuals with Cognitive Difference

Thursday October 13, 7pm, Session 4 – Relationships: A workshop for those in a relationship with a person who has cognitive difference.

Parents and Family – Koha
Organisations and Professional Practioners 
$50 for one session $80 for two sessions
$130 for three sessions $165 for four sessions
RSVP: to Susan Haldane , 0276658084 (txt only)

PLEASE NOTE: If this is your first time to Te Pou please allow yourself ample time to find the theatre. The address is Portage Road but the main entrance is from the back ca ark off Mc Whirter Place

We warmly thank The Fledgling Trust for its invaluable support.


Arts for Well-being Forum

Changing Minds

Changing Minds in association with Planet FM/Framework Trust’s “Take it From Us” Radio Show and Toi Ora present: Stories of recovery using the arts. Come along and hear from speakers or join in the discussion – How does your involvement in performing, visual or other arts help with your recovery, and how do we use the arts to safely tell our stories.

Free event, but registration necessary. Registration details on the Changing Minds Eventbrite Page.

Lunch included for those who register.



Funny Business

Mockingbird explores the often neglected subject of mental health and in particular, post natal depression through the use of humour, mask and music. Based on a true story, Le Coq trained Lisa Brickell brings to life a family of characters from different generations. She is accompanied onstage by actor and musician Sara Macombee. 

PLEASE NOTE: Suitable for ages 15 and older.
Contains mature themes including suicide.
There will be a Q & A after the show.


Caitlin Smith Workshop Series

Caitlin Smith is one of New Zealand’s best known jazz vocalists, regularly gifting us with her dulcet tones locally in Auckland and nationally.

For beginners to the experienced. Caitlin understands the holistic and tangible value music has for everyone’s well-being and joy, so instead of paying hundreds of dollars for the privilege, Caitlin is offering you this unique opportunity to come and feel the joy of connecting to your musicality with a KOHA!!!!

An artist and musician in her own right, Caitlin is a compassionate, perceptive vocal coach with a wealth of experience. Caitlin is gracing us with the opportunity to spend some time with her as she imparts her knowledge and gifts!

Friday October 14, 12.30pm-3pm
Vocal Workshop
• Dispelling myths about vocal production
• Understanding and applying rudimentary tools as a vocalist
• Vocal health
• What is connecting to the voice?
• Getting rid of blockages that may hinder you from connecting to your own voice
• Help to empower your own individual vocal journey

Saturday October 15, 10.30am-1pm
Song-Writing workshop
• Starting
• Finishing
• Re- connecting with your spark
• Creating a robust relationship with the creative process
• Honoring your own expression
• Over coming blocks

Get in quick as places are limited. Register your interest at


Our Truth: Spoken Word Evening

Following on from Pūrerehua 2015, OUR TRUTH is a concept in community, creativity and comfort. If you’ve ever wanted to speak without fear, listen without prejudice or just learn more about Mental Health, then this is the event for you!

Only $10 at the door (no eftpos available)

OUR TRUTH is an evening of spoken word poetry and conversation. We welcome you to join with us in the poetic journeys of our performers, and engage in discussion around mental health. Open, warm and informative discussions will be encouraged in a safe, non-judgemental environment to accompany works 
Come for an evening of transformation as we break down stigma through to a more mentally healthy understanding, paying homage to our fallen warriors – and celebration!


Miriam Larsen-Barr
Michael Moore
Racheal Naomi
Caitlin Smith
Colleen Henry
Maddy O’Dwyer
Shane Hollands…and more!


Black Dog Cabaret: Souls of Solidarity

Sharu Loves Hats in association with b.Terongopai.t

Te Pou Theatre will be filled with the voices of Auckland’s top singers this October for a one night only performance to cement the launch of a new initiative Whāriki Hauora (Wellbeing for Performers), which kicks off the annual Atawhai Festival. 

Presented by Sharu Loves Hats, in association with b.terongopai.t, Black Dog Relief: Souls of Solidarity Cabaret brings together various artists to raise funds for Whāriki Hauora, specifically being created to help support performers needing counselling. Artistes include Caitlin Smith, Adam Burrell (K Rd Strip), Borni Terongopai Tukiwaho (How to Murder Your Wife, Black Dog Relief Auckland 2015) and Alexandra Grice (Sweeney Todd, Addams Family and Hair) and is emceed by Nev aka Ascia Maybury (Step Dave I & II, Brokenwood Mysteries 3) accompanied by Mark Bradley (Evita). 

Black Dog Relief: Souls of Solidarity Cabaret, that closes the Atawhai Festival, follows on from the original Black Dog Relief charity events in Auckland and Wellington presented by Sharu Loves Hats, that raised over $8,500 for the Mental Health Foundation last year. 

Whāriki Hauora was formed from the collective concern of an industry that saw people in need not reaching out for help. A small representative steering group reached out to local professional mental health peer-support organisation, Mind and Body to set up a specialised service to help performers that may be struggling with a difficult time in their lives.

Whāriki Hauora steering group member and CEO of Changing Minds Taimi Allan says, “Working in the entertainment industry can be hard, we acknowledge the unique challenges performers have and are committed to treating the mental health of our peers seriously. 

“Through our partners in both the entertainment and mental health sectors Whāriki Hauora will be alongside you in your wellness journey, helping you plan for greater wellbeing and giving you practical support with your daily living until you get back on track and are able to live the life you want. Whether that be as simple as a cuppa with a “buddy” performer, or anonymous peer support counselling.”

A group of actors and other industry professionals who are determined to make well being a priority in the performing arts industry, including Taimi Allan, Hera Dunleavy, Rachel Nash, Cameron Rhodes and Boni Terongopai Tukiwaho, have been instrumental in setting up Whāriki Hauora to subsidise Peer Support sessions for performers. They will moderate the official Facebook page with Changing Minds’ support for mental health knowledge and administration costs, while Mind and Body administers the donations to the Whāriki Hauora fund, 100% of which goes directly to these Peer Support sessions.

Black Dog Relief: Souls of Solidarity Cabaret Producer Sharu Delilkan says: “It was evident that this was a worthy cause to hold another Black Dog Relief charity event, not only to continue raising mental health awareness by being part of the Atawhai Festival but also to show practical support of this new initiative through donating all proceeds from the show to Whāriki Hauora. We hope that this will help our fellow industry members have better access to counselling help that they may otherwise not be able to afford.”

Tickets: Shoretix, (Strictly Limited Door Sales) All proceeds donated to Whāriki Hauora





Under the Same Moon

Arts on Tour

A new family comedy from Renee Liang.

“a simply staged, gentle one-woman play encompassing three generations…the warm heart of the play is Por-Por – canny, fun-loving, bent double.” NZ Herald 

Hong Kong matriarch Porpor Grace is invited to NZ for her granddaughter’s wedding. Well, not quite. Her surprise arrival, thousand-year-old eggs and all, throws more than a few spanners in the works. A comedy about daughters and their wayward mothers.

Written by Renee Liang, starring Hweiling Ow, directed by Borni Te Rongopai Tukiwaho, with lighting and sound design by Sam Mence and set design by Deborah McGuire.

Finalist for Best Play, SWANZ Awards 2015

Following a sellout season in Auckland and Wellington in 2015, and a nationwide tour in September 2016 with Arts On Tour NZ, Under The Same Moon returns to Auckland for ONE NIGHT ONLY. Be quick!!



by David Auburn


David Auburn’s Proof is an elegant and compelling story of passion, genius, and family bonds.

After spending years caring for her genius but unstable father, Catherine is left alone to make sense of her life when he dies. When Catherine’s life starts to close in around her she’s forced to question is she inherited more than just her father’s mathematical brilliance?

When one of his graduate students discovers a groundbreaking proof among the professor’s notebooks, Catherine must face the legacy her father has left behind.

Directed by Chris Martin, Proof is a play about fathers and daughters, the power of ideas, and a family’s struggle to cope with the ongoing burden of mental illness.


Riding in Cars with (Mostly Straight) Boys

Smoke Labours Productions

“I love you.

In a gay way.

Just so we’re clear.

I love you as a friend.

But also in a gay way.

I love you both ways.”


Kyle has crushes on straight guys. That’s his thing. But when one of his crushes confides in him, he has to confront the lifestyle that he’s created for himself.

Riding in Cars with (Mostly Straight) Boys is an award-winning play by Sam Brooks, which premiered at the New Zealand Fringe Festival in 2014 to rave reviews, has since been published by Playmarket, and is performed entirely in a car!

Using a simple rig of speakers and microphones, Riding in Cars with (Mostly Straight) Boys is performed to an audience who sit and stand around a car while the action unfolds in front of them; it’s a unique, lo-fi and immersive theatrical experience like no other.

 Starring Geordie Holibar (Shortland Street) and Tim Earl (The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Night-Time).


AWA: Spoken Word Evening

Puāwai Festival 2016

Time is like a river: You cannot step into the same river twice because the flow of water in it is perpetually continuous. In other words, you can’t touch the same water the second time. As an analogy, time is a river. … River flows, so does time.

AWA: Spoken word evening is the space we negotiate from the past to the present. The artists will to speak to their negotiations of trials and celebrations from their own life experiences from where they have come from, where they see themselves now and where they would like to head towards.

Door sales – $10 CASH ONLY




Puāwai Festival 2016


Join b.Terongopai.t, Body Positive and Positive Women in celebrating World AIDS Day 2016.

The 1st of December is an evening to unite and celebrate our negotiations and challenges, and to acknowledge all that has been achieved so far. Join us for an evening of song and performance, featuring some of Auckland’s top singers for one night only!

The Upside Down is presented as part of Pūawai Festival 2016, at Te Pou Theatre 29 Nov – 3 Dec.  Check out our Facebook page for all event information! 



Puāwai Festival 2016


Join b.Terongopai.t, Body Positive and Positive Women in celebrating World AIDS Day 2016.

A riotous night of comedy, helping to obliterate stigma as part of World Aids Day 2016.   Come join us for a night of laughter, joy and drinks as we share the joy whānau and friends! 

Neil Thornton and friends is presented as part of Pūawai Festival 2016, at Te Pou Theatre 29 Nov – 3 Dec.  Check out our Facebook page for all event information! 



Puāwai Festival 2016


Join b.Terongopai.t, Body Positive and Positive Women in celebrating World AIDS Day 2016.

Join us for a night to celebrate overcoming our challenges and celebrate how far we have come with “WHAKAPAPA” – the opening night of b.Terongopai.t’s Pūawai Festival.

Opened by Ahakoa Te Aha and including entertainment from GALS Choir, the night is centered around a forum with MC Steven Oates and a forum with MC Steven Oates. Here from those lived experience – those people living with or working within a world with positive diagnoses. Featuring guest speakers Michael Bancroft, Judith Ackroyd, Faime Al-maery and Michael Parmenter, celebrate the momentous opening of the second annual Pūawai Festival by recognising where we’ve come from and revving up for the ongoing battle!

Doors open from 6.30pm. There will be food and drinks available on the night – Please note this is CASH ONLY.

Whakapapa, Awa, The Upside Down, and Neil Thornton and Friends are presented as part of Pūawai Festival 2016, at Te Pou Theatre 29 Nov – 3 Dec. Check out our Facebook page for all event information!